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5 Steps to Get Organized This New Years


Getting organized is the best way to start the New Year. A clean, clutter-free home can make you feel refreshed and ready to tackle any task headed your way. Use these tips from National Hardware to get organized this weekend.

1. MAKE A PLAN. Start by planning out which room is the hardest to organize and tackle that first. That way you won’t be totally exhausted after cleaning and organizing 4+ rooms.

Make a Plan


2. SET GOALS. Then set a goal for each weekday or weekend to accomplish one or two rooms a day and post it on your fridge and cross off as you finish. This will keep you on track and make you feel accomplished.

Set Goals


3. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Inform your family or members of your household of this plan to organize and assign a task or even goal to each member. Offer a fun, treat or reward for accomplishing their task. For example, if the goal(s) are met by 5pm this Sunday, the family will be treated to movie night or dinner.

Divide and Conquer


4. MAKE IT FUN. Instead of stressing out from all the clutter you have, find ways to make de-cluttering fun. Use a timer to race your family on who can throw out the most expired items in the pantry or match like items together (i.e. socks, cans, utensils).

Make it Fun


5.GET THE RIGHT HARDWARE. From Peg & Hook kits to Closet organization, National Hardware produces an array of organization products to help you get organized and stay organized all year round. Whether you are cleaning out your garage or closets, all The Little Things make the biggest difference. The essentials for your next organization project can be found here.

Get the right hardware


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