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8th day of Christmas Eight Corner Braces

Project Type



75 minutes

Items Needed

(3) 1 x 6 cut to 22.5” wood pieces
(2) 1 x 6 cut to 7” wood pieces
circular saw
kreg jig
Tape measure
1 ¼ jig screws
wood paint (red and white)


1.Cut all 1 x 6 pieces (Note: The two small pieces are the short sides)
2.Drill pocket holes with kreg jig. Two of the long sides will have  jig holes on the outer edges. The last long side will have one hole on each center of the edges and two in the very center of the wood.
3.Using 1 ¼ screws, attach short sides to the long sides through the pre-drilled holes.
4.Grab the bottom piece and add screws to secure bottom. (Note: Make sure the holes are facing out so you can easily secure screws.)
5.Next secure all 8 corner braces to all the edges for added support and a decorative finish.
6.Finish by painting the box red and writing Happy Holidays along the side.
7.Add mason drawers, candles, fresh flowers, Christmas ornaments or any other décor to your new centerpiece!