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10th day of Christmas Ten Candle Holders

Project Type



75 minutes

Items Needed

(1) decorative sheet metal  24” x 36” in gold
Metal shears
small or large can of food
binder clips



1.Using the sheet metal, measure  increments of 12 inches and mark the top of the sheet.
2.Use metal shears to cut a straight line down each of the marked areas until you have 3 sheet metal pieces.
3.Depending on how large or small you want your candle holders to be, you can cut whatever length you see fit.
4.Once you have all the pieces cut, assemble the holders by rolling them using a can to help make the cylinder shape.
5.Once rolled, grab two binder clips and place on each of the candle holder to secure in place.
6.Cut a piece of wire one and half size the height of the holder.
7.Twist the wire through the openings of the mesh evenly space on the top through the bottom.
8.Secure ends of the wire and remove binder clips.
9.Add candles with a glass or covered bottom

LITTLE TIPS: These holders can also be used as flower vases, kitchen utensil holder or a desk organizer.